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Landing Today’s Jobs—with a Twist

Imagine sitting down for a job interview with a potential employer. The interviewer asks a standard question about an extracurricular activity listed on your resume. But instead of merely answering the question, you whip out your tablet and show a video of your organization in action.

WVU Comm Studies starts up seelio  see link

The Department of Communication Studies has teamed with Seelio, an Ann Arbor-based start-up that allows students to set up an online portfolio to showcase their work.

“You need a resume to get a (job) interview, but once you get the interview it will really set you apart,” said Andrea Weber, associate professor of communication studies.

The digital portfolio service, which is free to students, has grown since its 2012 debut and is used by thousands of students at more than 800 campuses. The new agreement makes WVU one of only a select number of partner universities with exclusive access to a full-service, custom network of portfolios.

“It is great to see West Virginia University take a lead in helping students connect their education with real-world experiences that they can vividly show. We can’t wait to see how our collective efforts will help reshape and advance higher education,” said Moses Lee, cofounder and CEO of Seelio.

Emily Keller-Logan, director of university engagement for Seelio, said students using Seelio portfolios have benefitted from using the availability of technology at their fingertips to stand out as stronger job candidates.

“It’s a really impressive moment in an interview when a student can show what they’ve done,” she said. “While a resume is a great overview, students can show a full picture of their skills and abilities with a portfolio.”