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Alumna Heather Ramsey Honors the Legacy of her Father with New Scholarship.

Heather Ramsey with a view of Morgantown

Students within both the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education and Human Services are benefitting from a $12,500 gift made by distinguished geology alumna Heather Ramsey of Parsons, West Virginia.

Matched by Ramsey’s employer, Shell Oil Company, the gift totaling $25,000 will fund the new Bradley J. Ramsey Memorial Scholarship to honor the memory of Ramsey’s late father. This fund will provide scholarships for residents of Tucker County who graduated from Tucker County High School. First preference is given to students in CEHS and second preference is given to the Eberly College’s Department of Geology and Geography.

Bradley Ramsey, family members said, left a mark in many hearts as a loving father, friend, and dedicated servant to education in Tucker County. A West Virginia native and first-generation college student, Ramsey paid his own way through college, graduated from Potomac State College in 1971, and earned a history degree from WVU in 1973.

He returned to his hometown of Parsons, West Virginia, to share his passion for education with the community that he loved. He spent 33 years as an employee of the Tucker County Board of Education, serving in a number of different capacities.

“He lived to create opportunity for kids he didn’t yet know, and seized every chance to make that difference in the lives of his own children, as well,” said Heather Ramsey, a 2001 graduate of WVU with a BA in foreign language (French) and a BS in geology.

“It’s fabulous that Shell does this program. It helps me give back to kids from my hometown and show them the value of education.” True to her father’s example, Ramsey has perpetuated his legacy by opening doors for students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to afford college. She said the corporate match has allowed her to focus on doing more because doubling her dollars lets her know she can make twice the difference.

“We are grateful to the Ramsey family for this generous gift,” said Lynne Schrum, dean of WVU’s College of Education and Human Services. “It allows students within the state to have an opportunity to expand their horizons and become innovative, educational leaders to teach our next generation.”