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You’ve Graduated, Now What?

As college students prepare for today’s career landscape, they commonly find themselves facing a common question. Namely, “What are you going to do with that degree?”


The Eberly College of Arts and Sciences is offering a new course designed to teach students how to develop and market the unique skills they have as liberal arts and sciences majors.

ARSC 293: Arts and Sciences in the Workplace, is a two-credit course where students reflect on their personal and professional goals, and prepare for life after graduation.

“Liberal arts and sciences majors are haunted by the question, ‘What will you do with your degree after college?’” said Stephen West, an instructor for the course. “This course helps liberal arts majors develop an understanding of the unique skills they possess—skills that are highly desirable in the twenty-first century marketplace—and a process of discovering the variety of career paths those skills can lead to.”

By the end of the seven-week course, students will have developed a personal development portfolio. The portfolio requires students to reflect on life goals, discover strengths and weaknesses, and participate in experiences outside of class.

The portfolio is divided into three areas: self-understanding, a versatile career, and well-rounded life.

The self-understanding section requires students to complete a FOCUS career assessment. FOCUS is an online career and education planning tool. During the versatile career section, students participate in resume design, interviewing strategies, finding an internship, and developing a mentor network. These activities are designed and personalized for professional development.

The well-rounded life section requires students to participate in activities geared toward helping them realize their interests that reach beyond a career. This can be done by charting a path toward personal development, expanding on creativity, uncovering new interests, or taking a renewed interest in citizenship and community.